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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make contact with Sir Jack and get to meet him?

We will forward all queries or questions onto Sir Jack. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with appearance dates within Australia or perhaps events in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. The internet site www.Jackbrabham.com also has information on promotional events overseas, particularly the United States of America.
How is Sir Jack involved with your company?

Sir Jack has personally endorsed all our memorabilia products for sale.
What is www.JackBrabham.com?

This site is managed by Donn Gurney, Race Legends, Inc. in the United States. The site is provided under our "Links". Race Legends Inc is a leading celebrity agency with access to some of the most successful drivers of the past 50 years. Dan Gurney was a former team mate and long-time friend of Sir Jack who said Dan was "one of the world's most formidable racing drivers and could be unbelievably quick".
Where are all the other cars now, including the famous BT-19?

To the best of our knowledge the BT-19 is owned by the Repco Corporation and the other cars are individually owned by car enthusiasts in Australia and around the World. A good reference is the Brabham Owners site which you can access at: www.nvo.com/brabhams
Was there a turning point in Sir Jack's career?

Yes Sir Jack has identfied that it was the race in 1955 with Stirling Moss in his Maserati 250F at the Snetterton meeting driving the "Bobtail"-Bristol. Later he remarked ". . . I had a hell of a battle for third place with Stirling Moss" but it was a "real landmark race for me". If it had not been for that race, he may have gone back to Australia for good and perhaps history would have been changed.
I have heard about "Speed on Tweed" but what is it and where is it?

The Speed on Tweed Festival is held each year around September. If you live in Australia, you will know the Tweed Valley is in northern New South Wales, close to the Queensland border. This nostalgic historic car competition is a sprint held on a track right in the middle of the township of Murwillumbah, "transforming you back to the evolution of motor sports by recreating the sounds and smells of a 1940's Grand Prix". The Tweed Valley is picturesque and the historic township of Murwillumbah is nestled in an ancient volanic caldera. More information can be accessed at: www.speedontweed.com
Where is Jack's old midget speedcar now?

This car has been fully restored and is owned by Andrew Halliday from Sydney. The car is taken to various exhibitions and is a credit to Andrew - it is painted a bright yellow!
I have some merchandising ideas that might be of interest, what are the steps?

Please make contact with the company through our "Contacts" section. Sir Jack has trade marks on his name (and signature) which cannot be used without his permission.

Regarding the memorabilia items: how can I reserve a special number for the photographic collages? I understand there are only 80 available across the world.

The photographic collages are numbered personally by Sir Jack. If you wish a "lucky" number, please email us and we will: (a) ascertain if the number is available for you (b) determine how best you can pay and secure your favourite number The 3D crystal blocks are limited editions as well with only 500 available. The same process will occur as these blocks are individually made.
How do I get my company and its site linked to yours?

Please email us with the relevant documentation and site information and a decision will be made, as appropriate.
Did Jack Brabham ever race at Mt Panorama, Bathurst, Australia?

Yes he did - in 1969 with a Formula 3 chassised Brabham BT-31 winning. He raced with Stirling Moss in 1976 in a Holden and again in 1977 with son Geoffery, then with Brian Muir in 1978. All his sons: Gary, Geoff and David have competed on numerous occasions at Bathurst.
Are these the only memorabilia items you have?

No, there will be other items available over time as we work with Sir Jack in their selection. Please register as a member and we can email you when new products arrive.
What is the history of the BT19 - Australia's most famous car?

We understand the BT19's first race was on New Years' Day 1966 in South Africa in 3 litre form. It should have won this first race but a cog belt used to drive the metering unit came off when Jack was leading. This was quickly re-designed by Phil Irving. The car was returned to Australia and was used in 2.5 litre form, in the subsequent Tasman series of races in Australia and New Zealand before returning with the 3 litire engine to Europe for the Championship series. It won its first race there a non-championship event, the International Trophy at Silverstone. Jack Brabham drove the BT19 to four consecutive victories at the French, English, Dutch and German Grand Prix. As well as being driven to the world championship title by Jack in 1966, the BT19 was also one of the two cars used by the late Denny Hulme in his championship win in 1967 - Jack also used it for the Spanish Grand Prix in 1967, completing in 19 races, it is still Sir Jack's favour car, known by him as the "Old Nail".
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